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How pampered will your pet be this Christmas?

How far are you willing to go to keep your pets happy over the festive season?

It turns out that many pet owners would rather splash the cash on their pets rather than those close to them this yuletide.

Our latest survey has found that three quarters of UK pets are set to be showered with gifts this Christmas, with the average animal lover spending just under £20 (£19.98) per present.

But owners seem to be significantly less generous with their mates than their pets, with the average present for a friend costing just £14.78.

This is particularly true in Newcastle, with Geordies spending £10 more on their dogs than their friends, £9 more on cats. Belfast and Gloucester followed the North-East city, shelling out £10 and £7 respectively, more on their cats.

On the other end of the scale, owners in Chelmsford are least generous with their pet’s presents, followed by Portsmouth and Leicester.

But is seems that the love of a parent still comes out on top, with owners purchasing a gift worth £29.87 on average for their mum, and £23.59 on their dad.

Children, unsurprisingly are going to be the recipients of the more lavish gifts, with the average pet owner set to spend £98.64 per gift. The most common gifts that pets are set to receive this December are toys, followed by collars and Christmas stockings.

Owners will be really pampering their furry friends this festive season, with a quarter giving their pet their very own stocking and13% providing them with a pet-friendly advent calendar!

22% of owners want to include their pet in the festivities so badly that they will send out gifts or cards on their behalf.

The excitement doesn’t end with presents, as over half of the nation’s dogs will eat like a king this Christmas, with pigs in blankets hailed the UK’s most pet-friendly seasonal snack.

In addition to that, over a quarter of owners will happily share their roast dinner with a pet.

Owners in Brighton were the most generous when it came to feeding their pets, with the average owner spending £8.78 per pet. Those in Sheffield, however, were most likely to keep a normal routine and feed their pets their usual meals on December 25.

Christmas traditions are too much of a hassle for a tenth of owners, as they’ll refuse to take their pooch out for a walk on Christmas Day.

With owners getting in the festive spirt and treating their animals, it can be easy to get carried away with it all. Remember to be careful with the Christmas food and alcohol as items such as chocolate, mince pies and Christmas pudding, which can be very detrimental to an animal’s health.

It is also very important to make sure your pet gets the same level of exercise over the festive period too. This is even more essential if you have been feeding them lots of yummy snacks!

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