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Marvel’s guide to Christmas

Christmas brings a lot of change to our homes, things are moved around, and trees are bought inside for some reason. As a dog that’s seen 5 Christmases, I’m here to teach the pups amongst us what and what not to do at this time of year…

First things first, don’t wee on the tree

I know it’s green and it looks like the ones outside, but this tree is very different. Do not wee on this tree, ignore every ounce of temptation and stick to the ones on walkies.

Don’t open the presents

Not all of these presents are for you and apparently they’re only allowed to be opened on the ‘big day’, so definitely avoid snooping around the colourful squares under the tree.

Stay away from the decs

Those shiny balls and glittery strings of something called tinsel are unfortunately not toys. So yeah stick to your tennis balls and cuddly toys.

Actually, stay away from the tree

Yeah, I think it’s a good idea to just avoid the tree altogether, as I’ve heard they have a tendency to fall randomly, too… weird.

Give a gift

Us doggos can’t rush to the shops on Christmas Eve for some last-minute buys or wrap a present as we don’t have hands, but we can give one of the best gifts of all and it’s free! Love.

FYI: while our humans might sometimes refer to our indoor toilet breaks as “gifts”, they don’t actually like these… who knew?!

Those on the naughty list…

Oh no… not the naughty list?! What did you do?! That’s okay just play the puppy eyes and hopefully, all will be forgiven.

Enjoy the time together

Apparently, our humans love some things called Christmas specials and festive films and there’s quite a lot of them on the TV this time of year. This means there’ll be plenty of sofa snuggles to be had.

And that’s it! A Merry Christmas from me Marv, and I hope Santa Paws brings you everything you wanted.

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Hello, lovely readers, I'm Catrin George. I'm a treat dispenser and walk giver to Marvel, the border collie. I'm here to give you the latest updates and low downs on anything and everything pet related, whether they miaow, woof, or neigh. The blogs will be filled with news, reviews, and charity visits with some discounts and giveaways squeezed in-between. So, keep your eyes peeled here!

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