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Have you Pet-Proofed your Christmas Lights?

Pets and lights are probably not the best two things to bring together at Christmas. Pets are curious and may want to get their noses into the decorations you put up at this time of year. Be aware, if you do not take necessary precautions to ensure your pet’s safety, decorations such as fairy lights can potentially harm your pet.

Try to keep your pet from chewing on the wires and the glass.  Make sure the wires are secured and out of your pet’s reach.  Chewing on the wires runs the risk of electrocution.  Also, ingesting the wires could cause a digestive obstruction.  The same goes for the glass lights.  The glass may be even more harmful in that it could cut and wound your pet’s insides.

There have been a few instances in the past where pets have gotten into some sort of complication with fairy lights at Christmas time. Probably one of the most notorious examples is of a dog called Charlie – apparently a cross-breed from Southampton, who was seven-years old at the time – who loved to chew things, and eventually succeeded in eating Christmas lights. It was after his owner noticed bits of wire in his poop, that he was taken to the vets where he had to have surgery to remove the tangle of lights from his stomach. Thankfully, Charlie recovered after his treatment.

Cats are probably more prone to getting tangled in the lights as they tend to like to climb the tree and play in it.  It could be likely they will get ensnared in the lights in their bid to flee a falling tree.  In their panic they may dart around to try escape the jumble they’ve got themselves into, helplessly getting more tangled up and making the problem worse.  Dogs could also ruin a display of lights in a bout of play just as easily though, so, remember… don’t let the ‘light of your life’ near the lights, just in case….

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