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Which Rehoming Centre Should You Choose?

Deciding which rehoming centre you should choose to adopt your pet from can be a difficult and daunting task. There are a lot of factors you need to consider such as the type of animal you are looking for and which shelters are nearest to your home. You also need to bear in mind how knowledgeable the staff are with regards to the animals in their care. Effective research is vital during the process, because adopting the right animal for you and your family begins with choosing the right rehoming centre.

Although being open-minded is always a good approach, having some sort of idea about the type of animal you are looking for is also important because it can guide you towards deciding the most suitable shelter for you. Think about the size of your home, what your family is like and the sort of pet you are looking for.

Research the centres that are present in your local area. You need to remember the importance of the animal’s needs when considering the distance of a shelter from your home. It would be impractical and unfair for you to transport them for miles across the country, so restrict yourself to looking at shelters that are a relatively short distance away from where you live. You can view animals looking for a home on some centres’ websites. If you want a particular breed, contact local shelters to find out whether they have any available. Some centres specialise in rescuing certain breeds.

When looking around a rehoming centre, make note of the conditions the animals are kept in. Consider whether all of their needs are being met and if they are being cared for in the best possible way. Their enclosures should be free from draughts and leaks, and clean with fresh water and bedding. The animals should appear in good health, unless they are currently undergoing treatment.

Before you can decide which animal is right for you, there are some questions you need to ask staff at the rehoming centre. They should make you feel confident in their knowledge and fully support you in making the right decision. Ask about how long the animal has been at the shelter, their history and their temperament. Staff who are genuinely interested in the welfare of the animals in their care should be able to tell you all about them, and the detail of their answers will be a reflection of this. You will be able to gauge whether a particular animal would be more suited to you and your family from the amount they can tell you.

Ask about the organisation, including how long they have been established and what the costs of adoption include. A rehoming centre should administer age appropriate vaccinations plus flea and worming treatment, as well as any other necessary treatment that would make an animal fit for adoption. You should be safe in the knowledge you will be adopting a healthy pet.

Have patience and visit a few rehoming centres before you make a decision. Just because you see an animal you like doesn’t mean they are necessarily the right one for you, or that a particular shelter is the best place to adopt from. When visiting a rehoming centre you should gain a positive feeling about the place, and the way the animals are being treated and cared for.


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